Mercy Ministries: Restoring dignity, Generating hope

Mercy Ministries is a 501( c)(3) non-profit corporation founded in 2006 to further the Kingdom of God in Jesus Christ. Our mission statement is simply: “We exist to provide life essential services that restore dignity and hope to people in need.”

Our vision is to establish mercy centers internationally that provide food, clothing, shelter, a safe place to sleep, counseling, vocational training, and hope, in order to enable people to re-enter society as individuals with dignity.

Currently we are working on two fronts: on one front, we are reaching into El Rio (an unincorporated district of Oxnard), California. Since January 2008 we have been operating a food pantry every Saturday where we feed over a hundred families each week. We also tutor elementary age children two days a week after school. We also seek to assist clients with specific requests, such as requests for blankets, beds, tables, and other household items that most of us take for granted, but that the neediest people in our community find difficult to obtain. Your volunteer assistance and donations are greatly appreciated in all of these areas.

We are pleased to introduce our Board of Directors:

  • Alonzo Garcia, alonzo_g@hotmail.com
  • Bob Harper, bob@venturavineyard.org
  • Paul Janowski, pauljanowski@roadrunner.com
  • Matt Klein, mattklein@sbcglobal.net
  • Jim Owens, jim@venturametals.com
  • Bob Wilcox, rwillcox@salesforce.com